Specific Sessions and Workshops

Specific session to be included at the end of the first conference day.

Workshop to be included at the end of the last conference day.

Postconference workshop on Vibration Energy Harvesting

in the frame of WMVC 2022 Lisbon

organized by

Prof. Grzegorz Litak, Prof. Piotr Wolszczak and Dr. Bartlomiej Ambrozkiewicz

Plan of the workshop

*a presentation of 1h by prof. Grzegorz Litak "Vibration Energy Harvesting: Modelling and Simulations" (this would include downloading Matlab codes by participants to individual simulations)


*poster session organized by Dr Bartlomiej Ambrozkiewicz and prof. Piotr Wolszczak (this would include the posters which would be uploaded on the web-page of ehDIALOG  [eHDialog - Energy harvesting - Lublin University of Technology, https://eh.pollub.pl] and short presentation-invitation to each poster by the authors within max 5 minutes in a hybrid form.


The best poster will be selected with an award of one week visit to the Energy Harvesting Laboratory at Lublin University of Technology, Poland).

Programme Overview

Welcome Drink will be held at the Foyers of the Hotel VIP EXECUTIVE Zurique (conference venue)

Conference Banquet will be served at the nearby Hotel VIP EXECUTIVE Grand Lisboa (2 minutes walk)

Time slots:

Plenary Lecture: 60 min. (45 min. + 15 min. discussion)

Keynote Lecture: 40 min. (30 min. + 10 min. discussion)

Regular presentation: 20 min. (15 min. + 5 min. discussion)

* InDEStruct session starts after the afternoon coffee break, but ends later than parallel sessions.